Breakfast at the Opal

He came walking back to the table he had sat before, with an apple and a cup of coffee but stopped as he noticed that the hotel-girls had started to clean his former table for the next breakfast-visitors. For a moment he stood there and it looked like he was thinking about what to do, then he looked round and saw me sitting in the corner where I had deliberately choose to sit so I wouldn’t be surprised by other guests.
“Can I sit here?” he asked me and after my conformation he sat down and He introduced himself as Jack before his next question: “Are you with the Intergem?” again I had to confirm. As he was curious if I was buying or selling I had to disappoint him a little with my answer telling him I was there as photographer for the press.
He explained his business with the Intergem and while remembering seeing him on the Saturday evening at his arrival shaking hands and introducing his wife to Ken and Ronnie with whom I was waiting for our shuttle to the ‘Messe Party’ at that moment I found the connection for their previous acquaintance. Jack is ‘cutter’ based in California while Ken and Ronnie holding the booth Natural American Gemstones and therefore are possible suppliers for the ‘roughs’ Jack needs. Ken and Ronnie I met two years ago on the Intergem as an unusual pair making a photo for HollandGem at their stand, Ken being British and Ronnie being American came together in the stand with Ken having the connection to the mine wanting an American voice to accompany him on fairs.
As my answer made it clear that I had nothing to sell to or buy from Jack we turned to photography small talk and while I said that I suspected there should be good photographers in California he exclaimed with a light grin they are more interested in the glamour of Hollywood so if I was to find myself in California I should let him know and gave me his business card telling me to mail my contact details to him.
Having finished his apple and me almost finished with my breakfast the time to go our separate ways had come, he stood up, we said our goodbye’s and left the breakfast area. I saw he had left his coffee untouched since he sat down with me and wondered if he just forgot or didn’t like the coffee, I couldn’t blame him if the latter was the case because of all the things Germany will be known for good coffee isn’t one of them, Germans are a bit like Starbucks that way.

On my way home later on that day I thought about the difficulties for a good marketing photo for gem-cutters and/ or gem-jewellery designers as they mostly work with unique specimen so they have to brand themselves and not their product but at the same time they will have show their product or art if you will, within their attempt of branding themselves. With this branding I of course can help them with the right style of photography for ‘the feel’ of the brand.

As a reader you might start to wonder why all these people meet in the hidden German town called Idar-Oberstein well somehow in history this town had become an spider in the web of gemstone-cutting and trading. Even though the real importance of Idar-Oberstein has faded this mark of the past still has a international pull present day gemstone trading.

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